Medan (ANTARA) - A total of 26 tons of nipa palm sticks from North Sumatra were re-exported to India with a total transaction of US$18,840.

"After early November there were exports of 50 tons worth 23,250 US dollars, then 24 November there were exports to India of 26 tons worth 18,840 US dollars," said the stick exporter, Rianto Aritonang in Medan, Friday.

According to Rianto, the owner of CV Karya Harapan Kita, the exported sticks come from craftsmen and traders from Stabat, Langkat Regency.

"Thankfully, the demand for sticks to North Sumatra continues. In December there will be another container delivery," he said.
Even in January 2021, there will be shipments of four more containers of sticks.

Rianto said the export opportunities for coconut, palm and nipah sticks from North Sumatra are still very large.

Apart from the need for India, Nepal and Pakistan as well as other countries for sticks, they are still quite large.

The availability of raw materials for sticks in the country, especially North Sumatra, Riau, Jambi and Aceh is quite a lot because there are oil palm and coconut plantations.

The exporters of sticks, said Rianto, take/collect the sticks from farmers and traders in various regions.

"The price of buying and exporting sticks differs between palm sticks, coconut sticks and palm sticks.

The price of nipa palm sticks, for example, is more expensive than palm oil sticks.

The Expert on Customs Access and Export Procedures - Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Medan Center, Irsan Lubis, said that North Sumatra's stick exports also have great opportunities to other countries outside India and Nepal.

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