PANGKALPINANG, - The by-product of nipah forest in the form of sharpened sticks has now become an export commodity from the Bangka Belitung Islands (Babel).

The first export to Nepal was 12 tons of nipa palm sticks. "We make sure that the nipa palm sticks are free from quarantine plant pest organisms (OPTK) in accordance with the technical requirements of the export destination country," said Head of the Pangkalpinang Quarantine Center, Saipudin Zuhri during the export release, Monday (6/7/2020).

Zuhri said that the export of nipah sticks brings added value to the community. Because this stick is a by-product of the tree named Latin nypa fruticans.

The tree itself is a type of palm that grows in the environment of mangroves or tidal areas near the seafront. Now these commodities are included in the list of local governments. Get information, inspiration and insights in your email. Register email In Nepal, nipa palm sticks are used for traditional ceremonies, incense and cleaning tools such as brooms and handicrafts.

"Farmers and fishermen are given assistance to produce nipa palm sticks for export. And now with thousands of nipa palm trees growing along rivers, beaches and swamps, they can be exported and become a new alternative for the Babylonians," said Zuhri. The export value reached Rp 108 million.

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