The broom sticks that we usually use to sweep the yard of the house are made from the leaves of the midrib of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) or other types of palm plants. It turns out that much is needed also in foreign countries such as Pakistan. Therefore, the broom has a fairly high economic value.

Tanjung Balai Asahan Agricultural Quarantine has certified the export of palm oil sticks to Pakistan as much as 163.2 tons. Loaded in seven containers with a value of Rp 916.5 million. The commodity comes from Labuhan Batu Regency. In accordance with Law Number 21 of 2019 concerning Animal, Fish and Plant Quarantine, in order to carry out traffic in agricultural commodities and their derivative products, both between areas and between countries, quarantine measures must be carried out.

Prior to delivery, TBA Agricultural Quarantine officials carry out commodity inspections. “The examinations carried out are in the form of physical and administrative examinations. Disinfection by fumigation using methyl bromide," said Kristyaphine S. Retnosari as Tanjung Balai Asahan Agricultural Quarantine official in her official statement, Tuesday (19/1/2021).

The inspection, Kristyaphine added, is carried out to ensure that the brooms to be exported are in healthy condition, free from plant-disturbing organisms (OPT) and quarantine plant-disturbing organisms (OPTK) and according to the requirements of the destination country. 

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