JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - The Indonesian Palm Oil Council revealed the causes of the scarcity of cooking oil in the market. Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian Palm Oil Board, Harry Hanawi, said the first reason was due to short regulations that made the market mechanism in selling cooking oil irregular and new speculators emerged. "Then secondly, the magnitude of the price disparity between the Highest Retail Price (HET) and the market price.

A lot of cooking oil has been lost from the market route, which has been used as a means to turn to the speculator market," he explained in the National Webinar of the National Logistics and Overseas Supply of Cooking Oil, Wednesday (13/4/2022).

Then the third cause of the scarcity of cooking oil is the geographical location of Indonesia. According to him, Indonesia's geographical location is very wide, where the center of the cooking oil industry is mostly in western Indonesia, namely Sumatra and Java.

So according to him, cooperation is needed with the Director General of Sea Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation, so that the distribution of cooking oil can be distributed properly. "As we know cooking oil in the market is not evenly distributed. That's because there is a delay in terms of distribution. Therefore, there must be a synergy with the Director General of Sea Transportation so that the shipping process can run more smoothly," he explained.

Therefore, he suggested that there should be a policy that is always ready to face the high price disparity between palm oil in the global market and the domestic market for cooking oil for consumers.

In addition, according to him, cooking oil for consumers should be packaged, so that hygiene is guaranteed and the distribution chain will be easier. "Finally, because cooking oil is an important part of the livelihood of many people, it should also be included as a primary food category, and its flow can be traced throughout Indonesia," he concluded.