A total of 25 tons of palm broom sticks from North Sumatra (North Sumatra) penetrated into Pakistan. This stick commodity comes from Matfa Village in Langkat.

The leader of Matfa Village, Tuwan Imam, said that this was the first time this stick effort had been carried out by its residents, especially young people. “The results of the sticks are absorbed from the farmers in their respective fields. Where oil palm plantations are one of the mainstays of the village to improve our economy," said Tuwan Imam, Friday (6/8/21).

The builder of the Matfa Village Business Unit, Muhammad Aldi Nasution, said that the 25 tons of sticks were packed for 50 kg per bale. “Alhamdulillah, within a month we can collect 25 tons or 500 bales of young people's work which will be sent to Pakistan. This export release is also a form of business cooperation with exporters from CV Mulia Karya in Medan," he explained.

In optimizing absorption for farmers, Gudang Desa provides a price of around Rp. 2,500-Rp. 3,000 per kg and involves around 20 youths for the process from drying, sorting to passing export qualifications.

In addition, Aldi also said that this export shipment was also an effort to utilize waste from palm oil which turned out to have a large potential economic value. "If previously this garden was thrown away, it could be used for the community, especially in difficult times like this," said Aldi.

Related to this, Aldi saw that the village had great potential to be able to develop and contribute to the export sector. "Let's go back to the village because this village has great potential that we can sell. These sticks were originally waste from the garden, they could even become snake nests. So we can use it. In addition, the garden is also clean. Recently, we know that sticks are in great demand by Pakistani people," he concluded. 

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 some farmers are seen collecting oil palm leaves to take the sticks.

Indonesia is a country that has the largest oil palm plantations in the world. then it is very easy to find palm trees everywhere in Indonesia. it is not surprising that many oil palm farmers use palm sticks for sale.

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